merit Venture Capital is a globally prominent private wealth management firm with a presence in multiple regions, operating principally out of Asia and serving clients around the world. From high-worth individuals to those aspiring to achieve financial success, we operate with our clients’ interests in mind, developing strategies tailored specifically to market environment and personal position.

Through astute risk management, Merit Venture Capital seeks out opportunities for client portfolios with inherent value and long-term prospects for significant growth and returns. Our professional advice is based upon providing our clients with access to stable investments primarily through equity markets in developing economies, though we also offer extensive services on a range of alternative investment vehicles.

Risk Evaluation & Strategy

Research & Analysis

Merit Venture Capital provides clients with guidance and strategies regarding portfolio diversification, capital growth and retirement planning, offering pragmatic solutions to both short-term and long-term financial objectives. Through in-depth research and analysis of global markets and economic conditions, Merit Venture Capital provides clients with unique perspectives on investment options to successfully identify positive opportunities.

We at Merit Venture Capital are dedicated to securing long-term and stable financial growth whilst integrating personal interests and existing commitments into strategy. Through understanding and close collaboration with clients, our specialist team of financial advisers, planners and analysts seeks to manage your wealth with a personal touch.