At Merit Venture Capital, we believe that success is a product of responsibility and transparency to our stakeholders. We have developed and established policies conducive to collaborative relationships with clients and community stakeholders, and hold ourselves to the highest possible standards of integrity.

Environmental Awareness

We are dedicated to reducing our impact on the environment and have established, and continue to develop, policies which improve our sustainability. Merit Venture Capital seeks to reduce its impact on the environment and by:

  • Recycling all surplus/discarded paper materials
  • Using energy-efficient equipment/machinery throughout our company
  • Minimizing waste through practices such as using e-solutions for communications rather than paper
  • Encouraging environmental awareness through internal and external campaigns and supporting environmental groups. We also donate a percentage of our annual profits to environmental/conservation groups.
  • Encourage the use of public transport by our employees by providing membership cards for buses and trains.

Charity Contributions

Merit Venture Capital is proud to be associated with and be in partnership with several charitable foundations, ranging from causes such as deforestation, advancement of education in developing economies to community development.

Not only do we donate a percentage of our annual profits to our associated organizations, helping to support their on-going efforts, but we also encourage our staff to volunteer and promote awareness campaigns both internally and externally.

Several members of our board take a personal interest in many charitable foundations, often donating personal gifts and funding.