Over 5 years of operation, we have established a successful investment process which has served as an essential pillar of our company. With clear direction and sound guidance throughout the process, Merit Venture Capital offers clients a steady framework to facilitate the implementation of their investment strategy.

At the core of our investment process is research. Through a number of channels, Merit Venture Capital’s team explores information from industries and markets around the world. Through methods including direct research, probing our existing network within industries and market data, Merit Venture Capital seeks out investment opportunities based on their merits and surrounding environments. Quantitative research methods also allow us to identify undervalued and early-stage investment vehicles with significant potential for growth. Our focus on hard data within global markets is fundamental in researching and analyzing viability.

  Understanding market direction through research and statistical interpretation and modelling also provides Merit Venture Capital with insight into which investments will offer long-term stability and significant capital growth. Identifying influencing factors of market sentiment enables Merit Venture Capital to construct predictive models which can be applied to investment vehicles to properly analyze potential.

Leveraging our existing network of industry specialists around the world also provides Merit Venture Capital with unique insights into, and actionable information on, early-stage investments options in different regions. Researching opportunities and evaluating the market conditions in which they operate in allows Merit Venture Capital to thoroughly assess their inherent and prospective value. We seek to discover opportunities which have not yet matured in the market and offer significant returns at low risk levels.