Merit Venture Capital’s professional advisers have experience from across all industries and global markets, allowing Merit Venture Capital to offer an unrivaled and unique perspective on investment opportunities. From Asia to North America, our advisers have identified markets with potential and taken advantage of early-stage investment vehicles, offering significant risk-adjusted returns to clients.

Our advisors’ knowledge, experience and unique skill in integrating current client holdings into an overall strategy is widely reputed, with our firm’s reputation established through their success. Dedicated personal advisors work with clients to ensure that investment opportunities complement existing portfolios, strengthen financial positions and increase capital growth and returns.

Constructing an investment strategy requires both diligence and understanding regarding client objectives and requirements. Taking into consideration client interests also forms a part of our planning and helps build our relationship. Many clients have personal interests in industries and investment vehicles; some focus on technological advancements in healthcare whilst others insist upon renewable energy investments. Our advisors incorporate these interests into the strategy along with existing financial holdings and portfolios, and work pragmatically to satisfy clients, strengthen portfolios, and subsequently increase capital growth and returns.

From planning through to investment action, we provide on-going support to clients, regularly producing reports on performance and offering advice on management and further action, such as secondary action. Through Merit Venture Capital’s reliable and dedicated personal advisors, clients have peace of mind that we work together to achieve financial objectives.