When considering your options, it is important to understand that the ability to maintain your desired lifestyle in retirement requires significant planning and an investment strategy that will provide a long-term and stable stream of income throughout your retirement years. Retirement planning requires the consideration of a multitude of factors. At Merit Venture Capital, we assist clients in the planning and implementation of investments so that you can make a smooth transition into retirement.

Merit Venture Capital understands that everyone’s situation is unique. Together with our planners, clients explore factors such as desired lifestyle in retirement, estimated healthcare costs based upon current health and medical history, potential future needs and future taxation requirements, and we develop a strategy tailored to individual necessities. This process can be taxing and often confusing, navigating and planning your own retirement, and Merit Venture Capital seeks to allay fears by taking the lead.

Through our established methodology and process of assessing qualitative and quantitative factors, we develop an investment strategy with a low risk level which can facilitate retirement. In our planning phase, we incorporate external factors such as predicted market and economic direction to ensure that your capital is protected from prospective turbulence. We guide your capital into investments with low risk and sustainable streams of income.

We provide constant management and monitoring of investments, reporting to clients on any market movement regarding performance. We remain dedicated to our clients throughout their retirement.